Does Astro A20 Wireless Headset Have a Wireless Charger?

Are you wondering whether or not Astro A20 wireless headset has a wireless charger? You might be curious about this because we’re alive in the era of AirPods, wireless phone chargers, and smartwatches. So it’s understandable that you want to about Astro A20 wireless headset’s compatibility for wireless charging.

Here’s the answer: The Astro A20 wireless headset doesn’t have a wireless charger. Instead, it comes with a USB cable for charging. We’ve learned that Astro A20 wireless headset can last for more than 10 hours once it’s fully charged. It comes with a 1.5m USB-A to USB-C cable for charging the headset.

Is Astro A20 Wireless Headset Worth it?

Astro A20 wireless headset is an excellent wireless headset that comes with a microphone. If you’re okay with spending around $200 to $250 on a headphone, then it’s worth it. Surely, it’d depend on the person buying it. We can’t comment on everyone’s behalf. For what it’s worth when you spend some money on a high-quality product, it’s mostly worth it.

For those who don’t know much about this top-notch gaming equipment, let me elaborate on this. Astro A20 is a premium gaming headset that doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, but instead, it comes with a USB transmitter that is plugged into the USB port on PS4, PS5, PC, or Mac. This USB transmitter comes with a headset and looks like a USB flash drive. Once it’s plugged, you can use the wireless headset for gaming.