Does Razer Raiju Controller Work with iOS/Android Devices?

Does the Razer Raiju tournament edition controller work on iOS and Android devices? It’s best to do a little bit of due diligence before purchasing a gaming accessory or gadget.

Plus, gamers keep an eye on the new gaming controllers, consoles, and games. Therefore, they would surely want to know about the compatibility of the Razer Raiju tournament edition controller with smartphone devices.

Since Razer Raiju is a wireless controller for the PS4 gaming console, so many budding gamers might be wondering whether or not they could connect it to their mobile phones.

The Razer Raiju tournament edition controller does connect with an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth, but they aren’t primarily for playing games on mobile devices. Instead, the connectivity is for the customization settings of the controller. Razer Raiju controller has apps for both Android¬†and iOS¬†platforms.

In fact, if you want to use a Razer Raiju controller on your smartphone, then consider trying out the Razer Raiju Mobile version. It’s a controller for gamers who want to use the PS4 controller on mobile devices.

Can the Razer Raiju connect to a phone?

Yes, the Razer Raiju can be connected to a phone, as long as the phone supports Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with the controller.

The Razer Raiju is primarily designed for use with PlayStation 4 and PC, but it also supports Bluetooth connectivity for wireless use with other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

To connect the controller to a phone, you will need to put the controller into pairing mode and then follow the pairing instructions for your specific phone.

It’s worth noting that some phone games may not be fully compatible with the Raiju controller, and some features of the controller may not work as intended when used with a phone.

However, if you’re looking for a high-quality gaming controller for your phone, the Razer Raiju is an option to consider.

How to Connect the Razer Raiju Controller with an Android/iOS Device

Here are the steps to connect the Razer Raiju controller to your phone:

1. Turn on the Controller

Start with turning the controller on by pressing the PS4 button on the Razer Raiju controller.

2. Switch to PC/Bluetooth Mode

Make sure that your controller is on PC/Bluetooth mode. Switch to the PC/Bluetooth mode from the back of the controller just in case.

3. Press and Hold the Connect Button

Press and hold the second button from the bottom of the controller. It should be underneath the power button on the front of the controller. Once it’s activated, it’d start searching the device.

4. Use the Razer Raiju App to Sync

Now turn on your Razer Raiju app and start syncing your controller with your mobile app. Make sure that you have Bluetooth turned on. Once both devices are ready to pair up, they’d sync up right away.

What Types of Customization Can You Do With Razer Raiju App for PS4?

Here are some settings that can be customized using that app:

Onboard Memory

These onboard memory slots are stored directly on your controller and can be manually enabled.


You can edit the profiles or assign them to profile to a specific onboard memory slot.

Key Mapping

Feel free to change the function key on your controller using the Key Mapping feature and adapt it according to the game genre.


You can make changes to the level of vibration on the controller. All you need is to increase or decrease the vibration through the right motor and left motor in the vibrations section.


Adjust the colors/lights and change the look of your controller. Chroma is the feature that allows you to make such adjustments.

Is the Razer Raiju a good controller?

The Razer Raiju is a gaming controller that is generally well-regarded by gamers, particularly those who play on PlayStation 4 or PC. It offers a variety of features such as customizable buttons, triggers, and profiles, as well as a comfortable ergonomic design.

Additionally, the controller has a responsive D-pad and reliable connectivity, making it a good choice for competitive gaming. However, it’s worth noting that some users have reported issues with the durability of the controller, particularly with the triggers and analog sticks.

Moreover, the controller is relatively expensive compared to other gaming controllers on the market. Overall, the Razer Raiju can be a good choice for gamers who are willing to invest in a high-quality controller and prioritize customization and performance.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that there may be some durability issues and that the cost may be prohibitive for some users.

Would You Buy the Razer Raiju tournament edition controller?

We tried to answer the query about the connectivity of the Razer Raiju tournament edition controller with iPhones and Android phones.

So after reading this blog post, there shouldn’t be any ambiguity in your mind.

We’d love to know whether or not you’d be interested in buying this premium-quality Razer Raiju tournament edition controller for PS4.

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