DualSense vs. DualShock 4: Which One is Better?

You might have heard about DualSense and DualShock 4 gaming controllers. If you’re wondering which is better among these two PlayStation controllers, then let me help you out.

Before I dig deeper into this unlikely comparison between these two controllers (DualSense vs. DualShock 4), I’d like to give you some perspective on this topic.

PS4 was released in 2013, and it’s still one of the most liked gaming machines of all time. I have seen the transition between PS3 and PS4, and how people rushed to buy PS4.

PS4 remained a desire for a lot of gamers for years. But now, the hype of PS4 is lost. Since the release of PS5, the talk is all about PS5. And, rightly so, PS5 is the best Sony has to offer right now. PS4 is the past. PS5 is the present tech for you.

PS4 had its controller, which followed the progeny of its descendants and was called DualShock 4.

PS5 has its controller too. But, it comes with an overhaul change in the outlook and is the first time Sony has named their PlayStation controller DualSense.

DualShock 4: Wireless Controller

DualShock 4 was almost identical to the PS3 controller except for the touchpad and the light bar.

It came with the same curves on the sides of the controller, followed the same color scheme, almost identical button design. It looked like a PlayStation controller that we are used since PS2.

DualSense: Wireless Controller

DualSense controller or PS5 as a whole comes as a symbol of change. The monochromatic appearance of the controller is a huge change. The controller is now flatter and less curved. The action button’s appearance is changed to monochrome too.

DualSense is new to the market with a relatively advanced design which fascinates me. But does this mean the love relationship between people and DualShock 4 is no more?  

I highly doubt that. I think PS4 is here to stay for quite some time, and so is DualShock 4.

Key Features of the Best Wireless Controllers

Let’s dive deep into some of the best features of wireless controllers:


The dual sense controller has a larger width and feels heavier. The weight difference is slight, but you genuinely feel the size difference at its first look. The hand-grip of the DualSense controller feels more satisfying as it’s flatter.

The size of the gamepad in DualSense is larger than in DualShock 4. Preference about the size is subjective and depends on your hand’s diameter. The weight of the DualSense controller is a matter of concern as if it hinders the gameplay with hand fatigue for some gamers.

micro-USB vs. USB-c

The biggest issue I have faced with the DualShock 4 is its connecting jack. It is prone to defects. I remember I changed the wires numerous times and the jack once. In my experience, the port and wires are fragile.

DualSense controller seems to provide more control from the gameplay standpoint. Plus, it connects via a USB-c port, which is quite stiff. And the best part is they are identical from both sides. The insertion of the wire in the port will be a smooth experience.

Moreover, USB-c transfers data at a higher speed than micro-USB. We are familiar with the fact that they come with mobile devices with a fast-charging feature. High speed will help reduce the latency of the controller and provide more real-time input to the console.   

Haptic Feedback

DualSense is a state-of-the-art gaming controller. They designed this controller to provide us with haptic feedback.

Let me put it this way: if something needs power (in the game), you have to put more force into the triggers. The triggers resist your motion, as in you are in the game. It will give a more immersive experience of the game.

It’s not clear yet whether this haptic feedback system is available for every game or whether would it remain exclusive to PS5 originals only.

Will the PC users be able to enjoy haptic feedback?

Nevertheless, a great feature to enjoy, which is only available in DualSense.


DualShock 4 connects with a bunch of devices and consoles. To name a few, PS4, PS3, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. However, DualSense connects with fewer devices such as PS5, PC (tentative), and Android (tentative).

DualSense vs. DualShock 4: Which One is Better for You?

I have been using DualShock 4, and it has been the best controller I have ever used.

I’ve heard friends talk about the lag in their Xbox 360 controller while playing Fifa 19 on their Xbox 360, but it doesn’t mean Xbox 360 has had issues. Maybe, my nerd friends play Xbox all day, and they’ve damaged their controllers.

Anyway, I have all those memories with DualShock 4, but it needs a lot of care as it gets older because of the fragile port.  

But genuinely, I feel like DualSense is the go-to controller, and the latest technology always has some perks.

The port is generally safer and less prone to defects. Plus, these subjective perks of the DualSense controller such as faster connectivity, better feel, and high-speed performance make this controller stand out.