How to Curve a Free Kick in FIFA 19 (Using an Xbox 360 Controller)

Have you ever wondered how to curve a free kick in FIFA 19? If you’re an Xbox 360 gamer and you’re a FIFA fanatic, you might want to learn new tricks to dominate while playing live or multiplayer at home.

There are several tricks in FIFA 19 that you can apply using an Xbox 360 controller. One of those tricks is playing a curve free-kick to beat the opponent’s goalkeeper to score a goal. All you need is to use the left stick to move the ball in the air with a curve shot. I’ll elaborate on how to exactly play a curve-free kick in FIFA 19.

Before I briefly share this tactic, let me tell you that we don’t learn how to play any game in the first week – it always takes time to master any game or craft.

If you’re getting started with Xbox gaming or FIFA 19 in particular, don’t feel bad about yourself because you always lose FIFA matches to your friends when you’re new to this game. You’ll get better if you keep digging, practicing, and learning.

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So let’s get to the cream of this article.

How to Curve a Free Kick in FIFA 19 Using an Xbox 360 Controller

A free-kick is a shot that the umpire allows you when an opponent team player makes a foul and your team player gets tipped over or gets injured. Sometimes, if it happens in the D-area or near the goal, the umpire signals a penalty shot.

Anyway, if you want to curve a free kick in FIFA 19 using an Xbox 360 wireless controller, all you need to do is to slightly move the left stick towards the right while pressing the B button for kicking the ball, it’ll curve the ball towards the right.

You might not want to go hard on pressing the B button; the shot power shouldn’t go more than half of it. Otherwise, the football won’t even go near the goal, instead, it would fly away from the goal.

You could curve the football in both directions. However, I have tried only curving the free kick on the right side. Furthermore, you can target both the left and right sides of the goal. Don’t hesitate to move the angle from the right stick to be more accurate with your shot direction.  

If you pull this off, you could score a goal almost every time you get a chance to hit a free-kick.