Should You Use a Rechargeable Battery Pack for Xbox 360 Controller?

Should you use a rechargeable battery pack for the Xbox 360 controller or rely on regular batteries? Well, I have been using regular batteries for the controllers and they’re a pain in the butt.

Gamers often brainstorm about choosing the brand of gaming console and the type of controllers to use. However, the controllers’ batteries discussion doesn’t get enough importance.

Therefore, we’ll be talking about whether you should use a rechargeable battery pack or regular batteries for your Xbox 360 Controller.

Before we bluntly tell you why you should or shouldn’t use a rechargeable battery pack for an Xbox 360 controller, it’s essential to understand the basics a little bit.

Before you click through on a link to buy a rechargeable battery pack for your Xbox controller, you must have a clear idea of what to expect. As a gamer, I’ll be sharing my experience with you all.

3 Key Elements of Xbox 360 Controller Batteries

1. Batteries Expense

When you use regular AA batteries, it starts to look expensive when you need fresh batteries every day. If you play Xbox for a couple of hours every day, the battery pair won’t last more than three days. So there will be a batteries expense that you would have to bear along the way.

2. Batteries Case

I’ve noticed that the Xbox 360 controller batteries’ case gets old and rusty after a while. When this happens, it keeps on switching the Xbox 360 controller off while you’re playing the game. I have to change the batteries’ case after 6 months or so.

3. Batteries in Bulk

By the time I was writing this piece, I hadn’t switched to a rechargeable battery pack, so I had to buy batteries for the Xbox 360 controller in bulk. It might be difficult for many gamers to buy batteries in bulk.

What is the benefit of using rechargeable batteries?

It is always expensive to buy AA batteries regularly, whereas purchasing a rechargeable battery pack for your Xbox 360 controller can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Though rechargeable battery packs only have an initial cost, which you can take care of once. However, it’ll save you money in the long run when you won’t have to spend money on the Xbox controller batteries.

Rechargeable battery packs cover less space in your home. On the other hand, your large bundles of regular batteries are so bulky to keep in your house, especially when you play Xbox regularly.

How to charge a rechargeable Xbox 360 Controller

What you have to do is connect your Xbox 360 controller with a cable to start charging. An animated icon will represent that the charging of your controller has started. If the battery icon is red, it will indicate a low battery. At the same time, a green battery icon indicates complete charging.

The rechargeable battery pack will start charging your Xbox controller only when the charging of your controller is below a certain limit — that’s 70% in most cases. Plugging the cable above 70% will not charge your Xbox controller. You can also check the battery left by simply pressing the Xbox key.

You can use your Xbox 360 controller for up to 30 hours or more after charging your rechargeable battery pack.

What to do if your rechargeable battery pack doesn’t work?

If you are facing issues with your rechargeable battery pack for your Xbox 360 controller, you can try these methods to fix your issue before posting a negative review or getting disappointed.

  • In case you constantly hear a whining noise while charging your Xbox 360 controller, email your rechargeable battery owner/ manufacturer and explain your issue to them. You can ask to replace your battery with a new one.
  • If you face an issue in which when you connect the rechargeable battery, a red light comes for a bit and then turns green, indicating complete charging of your controller, your battery is defective again. In such cases, you should always test your battery and return it to the supplier/manufacturer.
  • When you start facing fitting issues while connecting the rechargeable battery to your Xbox 360 controller, you have to fit it in a certain way to maintain connectivity; otherwise, the controller will power off, so now it’s time to change your old rechargeable battery with a new one to make the charging of your controller smooth again.

Would you buy a rechargeable battery pack?

Now, you have finally become able to decide what kind of battery works best for your Xbox 360 controller, and that is none other than a rechargeable battery pack.

Not only does it last longer, but it is also available at a very affordable price.